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Basepoint Folkestone Celebrates it's 15th Birthday


Over 60 people represented by Licensee's at the Centre and local businesses came together to celebrate 15 years at Basepoint Folkestone's Business Centre located at Shearway Business Park in Folkestone.

In 15 Years, 520 Businesses  have used the Centre to base their business, with 578 Lettings between them, which equates to an average of 38.5 lettings each year.  The Centre has been 100% occupied 3 times, for a whole month in 15 years.  This is not easy, due to our very flexible terms and conditions, of just 2 weeks notice to leave or move around the Centre.  The Centre has kept the team very busy over the years.

From the 7th Centre built in 2002 to 32 Centres, 15 years later, Basepoint has gone on from strength to strength.  They not only build, own and manage our own Centres, they build and manage for third party organisations.

Basepoint are wholly owned by The Act Foundation.  The Act Foundation is a charity with the aim of enhancing the quality of life for people in need, particularly those who have a physical or mental disability or the aged.  All of our profits go back to the Charity and gets paid out in grant funding for those in need.

Basepoint Folkestone also support local charities with up to £10,000 in match funding.  Folkestone have supported Kent Kids Miles of Smiles in Canterbury, Martha Trust near Deal, Home Farm Trust at Lympne, Sing for Your Life, one of our very own Licensees and our current charity Canterbury Oast Trust, who own The Rare Breeds Centre.

Over the years the Centre has held some weird and wonderful events in the name of charity.  To list but a few - Fire Walking, Glass Walking, Fashion Show, Sat in a bath of beans, Dressed up as Peppa Pig and served tea, Washed cars, Bike spinning for Sport Relief, Dressed up as Clowns for Comic Relief and most recently dressed as Batman and Robin for Comic Relief

Lorraine May the Centre Manager said, 'Yes, I can honestly say we have a great job.  We can get down and be serious, but we can also laugh at ourselves and hopefully bring a smile to others whilst we are doing it.  What we do is build business communities, not just at our Centre, but I would hope through our regular Networking Hub meetings, the wider business community.'