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Pocahontas Commemorating 400 Years - Gravesend


Pocahontas Commemorating 400 Years - Gravesend

Having lived in Gravesend most of my life I have always been surrounded with the history of Pocahontas. Gravesend is now commemorating the 400th Anniversary of her arrival and death 1617 – 2017. During my youth and mostly every Saturday I would walk past her statue which is located in the grounds of St Georges Church in Gravesend to catch my bus home.  I passed by the church last week and thought that I would share a photo that I took.

Below is some background information so you can get a better idea of her life.

Pocahontas was one of the first Native Americans to visit Britain, she was the daughter of Powhatan the paramount chief of a network of tribes in Virginia USA. She was the first of her nation to convert to Christianity after being captured by English settlers. She became an advocate for peace between the English and Americans.
Pocahontas married an early settler, John Rolfe and travelled to England in 1616. She fell ill whist attempting to travel back to Virginia and had to disembark in Gravesend where she died a short time after. Pocahontas had known two different worlds and her native American Powhatan tribe and the first English people, called settlers.

It is worth visiting the site as you get a real calm feeling and the grounds of the church as very peaceful.

S. Webb – Assistant Centre Manager (Northfleet)