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Luton's Best Awards


Following the Diamond Jubilee celebrations and historic visit of the Olympic Torch Relay it is now time to honour and recognise Luton's own, showing appreciation to those who have been shining stars in Luton during 2012.

Basepoint Luton sponsored the 'Luton's Best awards' catergory for the 'Best Fundraiser of the Year'. The winner, announced at the Awards Ceremony on 29th November, was Dave Coard.

Dave has worked tirelessly and given his time over a number of years to raise thousands of pounds for local charities and for children who are terminally ill ; often taking part in numerous challenges to help raise these funds.

The Runners up for this award were Mohammed Nadeem and Danny Kerr.

Mohammed works alongside national charities to raise money for appeals helping not just local community but bringing local people together to help across the world, whilst Danny has helped raise many thousands of pounds for Keech Hospice, a charity that has been close to his heart ever since his daughter passed away there.

Fiona McDermott, Centre Manager at Basepoint Luton, said 'I am once again proud to have my centre sponsor the Best Fundraiser of the Year category at Luton's Best Awards. The awards ceremony was a very enjoyable event and it was great to see so many people who dedicate their time and effort to help others'