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5 Essential Ingredients for a Successful Website

09:30, Wednesday, 15 November 2017


5 Essential Ingredients for a Successful Website’ will be lead by Tom Perkins from Evolve Websites. Tom’s been helping local businesses with their websites since 2012. Evolve provides businesses with stunning websites that come with updates included, meaning they stay up to date with a business, its industry and its customers. For a free website review visit evolvewebsites.co The workshop on 15th November here at the centre, from 9.30am - 12.30pm. The workshop will be in the reception meeting room. The cost per person is £20.

With so many options available to small businesses when it comes to websites and online marketing, it can be difficult for business owners to know where to focus their efforts and their budgets. ‘5 Essential Ingredients for a Successful Website’ is an interactive workshop that will take attendees through the 5 essential ingredients that make up a great business website using a simple, step by step process.

Areas covered will include:
• How to get your site found in search engines (SEO)
• Why your site need to be mobile friendly (otherwise known as responsive)
• How to ensure your website makes a great first impression
• Why it’s critical your website is easy to use
• How to make sure people get in touch before leaving your website
This workshop is perfect for owners of start-up, small and medium sized businesses and will give a clear understanding of their website’s strengths and weaknesses and how to go about improving things without spending a fortune.