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Assistant Manager successfully completes Management & Leadership Course


Isabella Curner, the Assistant Manager at Basepoint Folkestone, was presented with her certificate for completing the ILM 3 course in Management & Leadership.

Isabella started the course, which was based in Portsmouth, exactly a year ago. The course, which provides the tools and techniques needed for successful leadership, consisted of the following modules:

  • Understand management and leadership in both theory and practice
  • Manage the team’s performance and motivation
  • Develop techniques to solve workplace conflicts
  • Approach problem solving and decision making in a structured way
  • Communicate effectively through different mediums appropriate to the audience
  • Understand, plan and implement change
  • Understand budgets and implications of finance

Following each module a written assignment had to be procuded. 

Isabella said that the course was well organised and not only covered the key management skills, but also build leadership capabilities and how to use them in practice.

The course was provided by PETA Ltd. which is a registered charity, directed by an executive council, elected from the Membership.  It operates on a self-financing basis and is non-profit making, with funds reinvested to expand services and training.