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With the recent departures of a couple of members of the 2017/2018 Swindon Wildcats, two player sponsors have been snapped up for the remainder of the season.

Chris Jones has had his player sponsorship taken up by Corvus Travel, whilst Joseph Hazeldine has had his taken over by Basepoint. Both Corvus Travel and Basepoint are two of our longest serving sponsors and we are thrilled to have secured their services for the remainder of the campaign.

Corvus Travel provide chauffeur transport for groups or individuals, they offer superb value for money on door-to-door transfers. Having spent the last few seasons sponsoring Tomasz Malasinski they had agreed sponsorship for Sam Zajac before he had to leave Swindon for a career outside of hockey.

Meanwhile, Basepoint are in their fourth consecutive season as sponsors and after Toms Rutkis had left to join the Cardiff Devils, they switched to another promising youngster in the shape of Joseph Hazeldine. Basepoint provide over 31,000 sq. ft. of space within 89 self-contained offices, workshops, and studio units.

Commercial Manager Sally Price was thrilled to be keeping both these loyal sponsors on board
“I am so happy that both Corvus Travel and Basepoint decided to continue their support by sponsoring another player. Hockey is so unpredictable with injuries and players coming and going, so I thank both companies for being so patient and supportive through this tough time. I hope you are happy with your new players for the remainder of the season2>

To contact Corvus Travel please visit their website www.corvustravel.com or to enquire with Basepoint please visit www.basepoint.co.uk