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The Logic Sandwich - creating marketing messages that work

10:00, Tuesday, 20 February 2018


Do you struggle to know what your marketing messages should say? Do you find that despite your products and services being superior to your competitors they don't sell as well? Do you just use the same words and images in your marketing because you can't quite come up with anything better?

In this 60 minute workshop, Kara Stanford of KMS Marketing will share with you how real people buy and how you can match your marketing messages to that journey.

Using the award winning Logic Sandwich™ messaging framework, you'll come away knowing:

• the role emotion and logic play when your Buyers are deciding where to spend their money

• how you can use that knowledge to match your marketing messages to it.

You will then get a chance to start thinking about and creating marketing messages that really work.

You will enjoy this session if:

• You are a business owner, MD, or CEO or leader outside sales & marketing who wants to give a clear steer and input to your marketing team on the messaging they create.

• You are a marketing professional with a growing business who needs a day out of the office with peers to structure your thinking.

• You're a freelancer or solo entrepreneur who wants to create a clear set of messaging to move people through to buying from you.

About Kara
Kara is an award-winning strategic marketing consultant who helps businesses and organisations become more successful.

As well as being a Chartered Marketer, Kara is a Watertight Marketing Accredited Consultant and fully licensed to use the powerful and proven Watertight Marketing methodology to help organisations succeed.

Visit her website to find out more: kmsmarketing.co.uk