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Aly Harrold Release The Fear – Find Your Voice


Woman's Workshop held at Northfeet Basepoint

We had Aly Harrold Host her workshop here at Northfleet Basepoint - Aly Harrold is an experinaved professional speaker coach, award winning speaker and holds the title of Kent Speaker of the year 2017.

Aly's workshop was about Release The Fear – Find Your Voice  is a workshop to help women who have a business learn the art of public speaking. For some people they lack confidence standing up in front of an audience and yet being able to do this effectively can really give you an amazing marketing tool for your business, helping your business to grow and attract  clients to work with you.

The workshop is fun and interactive and guarantees to give you confidence to ask for speaking opportunities, share your message more positively when networking and understand how to make sure your nerves work positively in your favour. So if you suffer with sweaty palms, pounding heart, trembling  and dry mouth just thinking about speaking this workshop will change all of that.

The next workshop at Basepoint is on 31st January. More details here: