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Divisive marketing techniques create debate at Basepoint’s Networking Hub


SMEs in Newhaven recently attended the Newhaven Enterprise Centre’s free Networking Hub for an insightful talk on the influence of marketing, and how it can control consumer choice and challenge people’s perceptions.

Guest speaker, David Foster from David Foster Associates Ltd, talked through Robert Cialdini’s ‘Six Principles of Influence’ (also known as the Six Weapons of Influence), which is a series of principles devised to influence and persuade others. Cialdini identified the six principles through experimental studies and working alongside salespeople, fundraisers, recruiters, advertisers, marketers, and other “compliance professionals” who are skilled in convincing and influencing others through the use of clever sales techniques. 

Kathryn Warren, assistant centre manager at the Basepoint operated business centre, comments: “David’s talk certainly had the audience enthralled, and there was a lot of thoughtful discussion on whether people have been duped by the Six Principles of Influence, or used them on others. It was a divisive topic that created some debate, which was great as it not only helps to bring businesses together, but enables them to learn more from each other.” 

The next Networking Hub is taking place at Basepoint’s Newhaven Enterprise Centre on Thursday 23rd May from 12 – 2pm. Attendees will be provided with lunch and refreshments – all free of charge. To book a place, please email newhaven@basepoint.co.uk  or call 01273 615250.