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Centre Manager at Basepoint Ipswich Goes Back to School


Michelle Wootton, Centre Manager at Basepoint Ipswich, was delighted to be invited back to Debenham High School as a mentor and judge for Enterprise Day 2013.

The Year 10 students at Debenham High School were tasked with pitching, selling and shipping Suffolk apple juice to a French supermarket - all within a 1 day project, which included a trade-stand, advertising campaign, tender and presentation. Centre Manager Michelle Wootton was on hand, along with 8 other local business people, as a business mentor to guide the students with their campaign.

Michelle said, "Enterprise Day still presents the same same tasks and challenges as it did when I took part back in 1994! The only difference is the use of technology has greatly enhanced the graphic design aspects of the students fantastic achievements.  It was amazing to see how well the teams pulled together to produce an outstanding effort and I was particularly proud that my team "The Apple Co." were awarded the highest overall score."

Kevin Voller from Debenham High School said, "Once again the students rose to the challenge of Enterprise Day and all achieved amazing results within a relatively short time scale. To be able to produce a presentation, trade stand, jingle, packaging and logos with such tight deadlines is quite a challenge and can only be achieved by every member of the team getting involved and doing their bit.  The normal school day is broken down into Maths, English, Science, Music, Art etc as separate subjects but a day like this demonstrates how all of their skills and talents are brought together and can be applied to a real world situation. Having business mentors rather than teachers working with the students during the day adds an extra element of realism and without that input I don’t think we would achieve the same results."