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Grow in Wychavon – the book!


Basepoint Evesham are pleased to welcome Wychavon District Council on Tuesday 24th September when they announce that they are writing and launching a book that proudly tells the stories behind 50 local entrepreneurs and businesses.

The book will have an official launch and some very exciting PR associated with it that is bound to turn heads and give any business involved extremely valuable publicity. As well as being good for the businesses involved, the publicity will raise the profile of the area as a great place to do business and encourage aspiring businesses to grow or expand in Wychavon . 

On 24th September Basepoint Evesham will be the venue for a photo shoot, interview and filming session. Centre manager Ian Fenney commented ' We are pleased to be involved with Wychavon District Council in this venture, helping new and current business' together with attracting new business to the area.'