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Trees for life


Basepoint Winchester licensee Wells for India plant hundreds of new trees in poor rural communities.

At a global level, trees play a vital role in the carbon cycle. They have an important effect on rainfall and temperature - and, by extension, on our ability to grow food.
For rural village communities in India, trees bring multiple benefits. They provide food, medicine and raw materials; they offer shade in searing heat; they help reduce water evaporation from reservoirs; they reduce soil erosion and help protect the land during droughts and floods; and they provide a habitat for wildlife.

Wells for India is supporting work to plant trees in five villages in the Laporiya area in central Rajasthan. 500 new trees, selected from suitable local species, have just been planted on common land. Over the next two years, these trees will be protected and given vital after-care to help them thrive. In the same period, a further 1,000 trees will be planted on land owned by small-scale farmers.

For further information and to make a donation please visit www.wellsforindia.org or email office@wellsforindia.org