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World's biggest sailing superyacht - Black Pearl - is at Portland Harbour


THE WORLD'S largest sailing superyacht - the Black Pearl - has docked at Portland Harbour.

The suoer yacht arrived on Monday to replenish stocks and is due to leave today according to a spokesman for Portland Port.

"We welcome these kind of vessels and hope she is the first of many this season", the spokesman said.

"She is here for a two day stayover and, like other vessels, is benefiting from the safe, deep anchorage and shelter offered by Portland Harbour."

The privately-owned luxury vessel is visiting following a recent award win, having scooped 'Best Sailing Yacht' at the World Superyacht Awards.

The Black Pearl is owned by Oceano, and boasts VIP suites and a cinema onboard - as well as a swimming pool.

The yacht's exterior lights up in different colours, and her sails can be opened or furled in just seven minutes, at the touch of a button.

The hybrid ship runs on alternative energy sources, and her sails produce energy thanks to solar panels built within the fabric, according to industry website yachtharbour.com.

Source: Dorset Echo