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Business mentor shares his “key ingredients” to business success at Networking Hub


Another successful Networking Hub 23 October. We welcomed 28 local businesses to our recent event held on Wednesday 23rd October, where Ian Dickson, business mentor and motivational speaker, shared his ideas on how to sustain business growth in a tough economic climate.

Ian has coached and mentored hundreds of businesses throughout the UK, and has delivered over 150 business seminars and speeches in the last seven years. At the event, Ian shared his “key ingredients” for business success, including tips on how to create a competitive advantage, how to establish yourself as an expert in your field, as well as advice on how to set achievable goals by creating a realistic plan or timetable. Ian demonstrated these key ingredients by handing out bags of chocolate buttons to the audience, with each bag including surprise business tips.

Loraine Ede, assistant centre manager at Basepoint Waterlooville, comments: “We had a really strong turnout at our recent Networking Hub, with everyone in attendance impressed by Ian’s insightful presentation on how to achieve success in business. His demonstration with the chocolate buttons was especially innovative, and really helped to establish his key messages to the audience.”

For further information about Ian, see his website www.iandickson.biz