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Flipping all day for the Rainbow Centre


Andrew Weston from Gosport Business Centre and Julie Woodward from the Rainbow Centre tuck into burgers during the annual Fete held in glorious sunshine on Saturday 24th April 2010. With a Fairytale theme for the day, there was not a cloud in the sky as numerous stalls and fairground rides had a wonderful time fundraising for the Rainbow Centre which is a specialist conductive education centre for people who suffer from cerebral palsy, Parkinsons, MS and they also help people recovering from strokes.

With the BBQ provided by Gosport Business Centre, Andrew and three others flipped burgers and turned sausages all day knowing that 100% of what they took became pure profit due to the local Somerfields donating the meat and Warburtons donating the buns. With match funding from the ACT Foundation, it is expected that the day will have generated over £1,500 for the centre.