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Stylish Witches, & black cat contrive a chocolate spell !


The twitching, bright green feathers on the stylish witches hats, and the flicking tail of the black cat were all very conspicuous at Basepoint Luton this week.

They were caught red-handed as they huddled together on Wednesday stirring up some good coffee beans to activate and bewitch the spirits of the licencees and lure them into indulging in wicked slimy chocolate Halloween cakes at the weekly networking ritual. In days gone by it was believed that the hours of darkness brought about a new low level of weakness. This was certainly the case when the attendees viewed the array of evil chocolate cakes that were there to tempt them. Staff and licencees were more than tempted during daylight hours when the evil chocolate tombstone cake was finally unboxed and all its creamy content was revealed.