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Card Geotechnics move to Basepoint Exeter


Over the past 16 years Card Geotechnics has grown from a small business to a UK-wide company with an ever-increasing turnover providing consultancy to the construction industry on ground-related issues for major projects like London’s Crossrail. That’s why Basepoint called them in to assist with a brownfield site in Havant - so when Card Geotechnics needed a new office in Exeter, they knew who to call! ‘Basepoint made the decision very easy for us,’ says Associate Director Hailey Tamblyn. ‘They’re in the right part of the city, the terms and quality of accommodation were excellent, they’ve been very helpful, and it’s been easy to get more space as we grow.’ Card Geotechnics have already worked on several projects in the area, and they’ve just moved from a small three-person unit to an external unit. ‘It’s a really flexible, versatile and economical space that gives us exactly what we need. We’re delighted.’