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Stuart Michael Associates Expands at Basepoint Exeter


Stuart Michael Associates is a civil engineering consultancy dealing with all aspects of building, planning, highways modeling, and environmental matters – in fact pretty much anything related to construction. They came to Exeter three years ago after securing a contract in the south-west, and opened a satellite office in serviced accommodation. They weren’t happy there, so when they heard about Basepoint they checked it out, liked it, and moved in. Recently they’ve moved to a larger office, and are now looking to take on more staff. Associate Director Jim Harris says ‘Basepoint is well run, it’s a pleasant environment, and we’ve partnered with Card Geotechnics, another Basepoint Licensee on various jobs as well as referring each other business. It’s been great here – a nice base to operate from, friendly staff, and everything we need, including a meeting room whenever we want one.