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Closer to home or off-shore? How to decide where to base production

With advances in technology and business relationships across the globe, overseas production doesn't seem so scary but is it the right decision?

"Many companies begin manufacturing at home and shipping overseas, but there comes a time when exporters need to consider moving some or all production closer to demand, or into a cheaper market.

The Fifth Annual Change in the (Supply) Chain Survey, produced by UPS, found that in Europe 58% of businesses expect exports to grow over the next 12 months, and another 18% expect to maintain their level of overseas trade.

Of these companies, 59% had leveraged off-shoring, moving production to a country with cheaper or easier manufacturing, and 56% had taken advantage of right-shoring, moving production to be closer to demand."

Tim Aldred at The Guardian meets the exporters who’ve found the right mix. 

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