Meet the Team

Ben Maiden

Ben Maiden

Centre Manager

Ben is the Assistant Manager here at Basepoint Evesham. Having previously worked in sales for a software company. He has relished the responsibilites of being involved in a management role.
In his spare time Ben can be found trying to play golf (but spends more time trying to find the ball) following his recent retirement from football.. at the age of 21.

Warren Gordon-Jones

Warren Gordon-Jones

Assistant Centre Manager

Warren is the assistant manager at Evesham. His broad experience in running his own company, working as a nurse in the NHS and as an engineer in the Navy (to name but a few) means that he brings variety and lateral thinking to this brilliant, eclectic community. In his spare time, he likes to be outside adventuring with his family and seeing new places.

John Egan; Geeknson LTD

Basepoint is one of the most unique places I have ever worked in; such a family atmosphere! Everyone is very friendly and we are thrilled to be here.

Andy Toon; Bluebird Care LTD

The reason I like Basepoint Evesham is the fact that the staff are very friendly which intern creates an extremely happy atmosphere to all the other costumers that are in…

Dominic Whitecross; Nationwide Cars LTD

Our move to Basepoint Evesham has been very, very straight forward. The staff, the licensees have all been very welcoming and to be honest we very much look forward to be…