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Can`t cope with those interuptions at work?

As the pace of work seems to get more intense, most of us seem to be trying to fit more into every day. But it seems our efforts to be more productive in less time is being undermined by one thing – interruptions. According to recent research carried out at the University of California at Irvine, people working in offices experience an interruption of some kind (a phone call, an incoming email or someone visiting their desk) every three minutes and five seconds. As well as being an annoyance, these interruptions are likely to reduce overall productivity and, according to another study by George Mason University in Virginia, reduce the quality of work produced.

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If you want to be a remote worker, you may need to convince your boss. Daniel Mobbs has the lowdown on the skills required, from effective time management to confident communications While remote working is increasingly popular, not everyone is a natural-born remote employee. Where some people are primed to excel beyond the four walls of the office HQ, others are more likely to crash and burn without plans and strategies in place for a new way of working. “Candidates must be honest about their own ability to handle the heightened responsibilities and expectations that accompany remote work,” says Anthony Curlo, CEO of IT recruiting and staff augmentation firm DaVinciTek(1).

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Andrew Kidd – Certainty Software

Moving to the Basepoint Gosport was one of the best decisions we have made. The site is exceptionally well kept, giving the correct first impression when our clients visi…

Fiona Taylor, Tailored Living Solutions

Just to confirm that my experience with Basepoint Business Centre has been a positive one . Mark and his team have been excellent, always happy to help and most approach…

Luke Bailey, Operations Director GlobeUs Training

It’s been a great experience working at Basepoint Gosport. It was so straightforward finding the right space and then moving in. The Centre Team have been incredibly su…