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What are the Advantages of a Virtual Office?


Are you just starting up your own company but can’t yet afford to buy or rent an office? Or are you based at home, but discovering the drawbacks of not having a separate business address? Or does the nature of your work mean you are constantly on the move? If any of these apply, virtual office packages might be the answer.

Creating a Professional Image: One of the major advantages of a virtual office is that it gives you a professional address, immediately making you appear much more established and reliable than a home-based business. Clients can contact you and arrange meetings with you in a professional setting, rather than having to visit you at home or meet in coffee shops.

If you would like to have the prestige of a well-known business address, but are currently based at home, in a remote location which few people have heard of, then a virtual office arrangement can also initially prove cheaper than moving into office space.

Offering Flexibility: If you are someone who is constantly on the move, such as a plumber or painter and decorator, or even an IT specialist, virtual offices can help provide the administrative back-up while you are out working. It is easier to work flexibly if you know that clients can contact you and leave messages for you at any time. This flexibility could extend to moving in to your own physical office as and when you decide, while still keeping your original business telephone number.

Staying Safe and Secure: Programmes like Google Earth mean everyone can see pictures of your home. So if your home address is also your business address, you may be targeted by criminals, particularly if you go on holiday. Serviced offices provide you with an ‘official’ business address which is also secure and means everyone dealing with you doesn’t need to know your home address.

Phone Backup: Virtual offices can give you a business number which is displayed in place of your own home or mobile number, with calls being rerouted and an answering service also being provided. This enables you to separate home life from work more easily.


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