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Business Community Benefits


Being part of Basepoint community brings many benefits

Obtaining an office at Basepoint brings many benefits. Not only are we competitive on price, as part of the IWG group we are now able to offer access to a huge number of extra features- helping you to work wherever you may be.

The main obvious advantage of being at a business centre, are the businesses. An opportunity to rub shoulders with a variety of people in differing fields: accountants, plumbers, architects, car dealers, finance etc, to name but a few. Getting to know others and getting known are fundamental in growing your business.

Having access to meeting rooms, a professional environment where you can aim to impress your clients with modern technology: flat screen TV's, Apple TV and business grade internet. Not to mention having tea and coffee brought to you if desired.

Furthermore, if you travel for work then having access to several thousand business lounges around the world may just give you the space you need to get the finishing touches added to that project you've been working on, at no extra cost. Our business lounges are located in all Basepoint and Regus centres, as well as at major airports- no need to pay for that business lounge afterall!