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Use our App to make things easier


We have an app that allows you to book rooms and keep an eye on your account.

We are in an age where apps are everywhere. Fairly sure I could find an app that would groom my dog- if I had a dog, or my phone had arms. Hmm, think my premise is somewhat lacking here!

Let's try that again: I can order a coffee at Starbucks, check my bank account, order a book and listen to music because of these little windows I have on my phone or tablet. I can even check my energy useage and turn on my lights. In some cars, I can connect and switch on the aircon so I can get into a nice cool space, in the summer. In the winter I can get the heaters on.

But what is the point of all of this? The point is that apps make our lives simpler, allow us to do what we need to do, when we need to do them, regardless of where we are. It is the same with the Basepoint App- it sits as a little window on your phone, inconspicuous, waiting for the moment when you hang up from a client and need to book a meeting room in Edinburgh to greet them in person. The green B comes to life- one click and 300 centres are available (in the UK) to choose from. Search Edinburgh, select the building, choose your dates and times- hey presto! Booked and added to your monthly invoice. It is that simple.

Want to find out what you will be charged, or have been charged in the past? Well, all that information is there too: current and previous invoices, payment dates, statements. Plus you can update your company details, change your payment method or add team members to your account so they can take advantage of the free business lounges (office customers only).

One app, multiple uses. Designed to give you access to your account and make life simpler. What more can be said?