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Are you interested in moving your business from home to a professional working environment but unsure about whether you're ready for the commitment and costs involved?

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IWG Broker App

Now and again, a friend or colleague recommends a new app you “have” to try. It’s hard to assess how useful a new piece of tech is going to be – and whether it warrants a space your cluttered phone background. It’s only after the innovation has worked its way into your day-to-day life that you wonder what you used to do without it. And fortunately, the time has come for these tech life hacks to transform the real estate realm.

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Rishi Ghosh, Quality Wrestling Academy

''We have been at Basepoint a few months now and are really enjoying our time there. The customer service we have received from the whole team has been excellent…

Annelies James-Ryan, Annelies James Consultancy

"This Basepoint location is great! Just off the motorway with great parking, always yummy snacks for events and endless hospitality through teas and coffees. What rea…

Mike Shemeld, Director of PGRC Design Systems Ltd & Director of Depro Ltd

"Basepoint Havant has been a relaxing and welcoming environment to work in the past few years. The staff are always friendly and amicable, working with you as clients…