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Red Nose Day 2019

To support Red Nose Day 2019, we organised a Joke Competition and a cupcake sale at Basepoint Havant. With the help of our lovely clients, we have managed to raise £67.58 to support Comic Relief's cause. Check out our top three jokes:

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5 Essential Ingredients for a Successful Website

With so many options available to small businesses when it comes to websites and online marketing, it can be difficult for business owners to know where to focus their efforts and their budgets. ‘5 essential Ingredients for a successful website’ is an interactive workshop that will take attendees through the 5 essential ingredients that make up a great business website using a simple, step by step process.

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World Thinking Day

World Thinking Day is celebrated every year to support girls and young women to develop their full potential as leaders and active citizens of the world.

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Basepoint Business Community Benefits

Being part of Basepoint community brings many benefits from being able to work from any point of the world to attend local free networking events and connect with other businesses.

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Annelies James-Ryan, Annelies James Consultancy

"This Basepoint location is great! Just off the motorway with great parking, always yummy snacks for events and endless hospitality through teas and coffees. What rea…

Mike Shemeld, Director of PGRC Design Systems Ltd & Director of Depro Ltd

"Basepoint Havant has been a relaxing and welcoming environment to work in the past few years. The staff are always friendly and amicable, working with you as clients…

Jackie Sharp, CO PROM LTD

A BIG thank you for a great event. (B2B Networking Event, 5th Feb 2014) It was great to see some familiar and unfamiliar faces today. Ian did a brilliant job as usual, a…