Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

It is the policy of Basepoint to manage its environmental responsibilities in accordance with the following principles:


Basepoint recognises that sensitive management of the environment is an essential part of its activities, whether in land acquisition, the development of property, or the ownership and management of buildings.


A specified Board member of Basepoint is charged with the overall responsibility for environmental affairs within the Company, including the development of specific action plans to implement progressively the provisions of this policy.


Corporate environmental performance is increasingly a matter of interest to many groups: clients, statutory bodies, employees, investors, contractors, suppliers, public and media.

Project Assessment

The potentially adverse environmental consequences of a new development can often be avoided or reduced through careful project planning.


Basepoint will place a high priority on environmental considerations in its ongoing development programme by:

Building Design

Buildings in their construction consume a wide range of materials in considerable quantities, some of which may be scarce or non-renewable natural resources or be energy inefficient in their production and/or distribution or environmentally sensitive for other reasons.


The construction phase of a development project has its own environmental impacts and Basepoint is committed to ensuring that these are minimised.

Building Performance Reviews

Commercial and industrial companies increasingly expect the buildings they occupy to be of high environmental quality, particularly in respect of energy efficiency and construction materials.

Energy Management

Energy use in buildings accounts for about half of total national energy demand.

Waste Management and Recycling

Waste can be generated at any stage in the property development cycle and needs to be carefully managed.

Operating Centres

Basepoint Centres contain many different types of businesses and unit occupancy changes on a regular basis.