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Are you protected against Cyber Crime?

Email and Social Media have changed the way we work but are you protected against the bad these tools can bring, as well as the good?

A recent study by the Federation of Small Businesses and reported by The Guardian found 66% of its members had fallen victim to some kind of cyber attack in the last two years. Of these attacks the bulk were social engineering scams such as phishing (49%) and spear phishing (37%). The average annual cost to each business was £3,000, a total annual cost to small businesses of £5.26bn.

Social engineering simply means the methods used by cyber criminals to persuade, trick, blackmail, threaten or deceive people into sharing information or performing tasks that will allow them to carry out their crime. It is any crime in which the perpetrator uses a person to gain access to information or money, this could be by gaining their trust, deceiving them or even threatening them.

Social engineering attacks can come via email, social media, phone, text and through planted hardware. Some of the most common methods include phishing, spear phishing, physical baiting and pretexting.

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