Benefits Of Working For Basepoint

"Having worked for Basepoint for 9 years I can honestly say that I still love and enjoy my job and look forward to coming to work every day. The day to day running of a business centre is busy and varied and requires a hands on and versatile approach.

To be part of a Company that is constantly looking to support small and medium sized businesses with up-to-date business space, advanced technology and networking events is an absolute joy. It makes me feel that my skills are stretched but are rewarded with the fantastic feedback from our customers.

It is also a bonus to know that profits of the Company that I work for go to the ACT Foundation which provides grants with the aim of enhancing the quality of life for numerous people, specifically for those who are mentally or physically disabled."

at Basepoint, Andover

“I have worked for Basepoint since 2008, starting as Centre Manager for the Bournemouth site.   I came in to the job with a background of hospitality & customer service coupled with commercial business acumen; which have all been put to great use within the role, and I have also continued to develop and enhance my skill-set and capabilities whilst working for Basepoint. 

I have attended several courses, and absorbed a wealth of knowledge from my peers and superiors.   I still feel as passionate about Basepoint now as I did from day one, the company ethos is fantastic; the level of support we are able to offer local charities via the ACT Foundation and Match-Funding is very rewarding.   

Basepoint offer an exceptional platform for the SME market, and watching businesses succeed in their field continues to satisfy me, knowing the service & business community our Centres provide assisted in getting them started. 

I have recently been promoted to Regional Manager, which shows the development opportunities available at the Company, and look forward to the new challenges ahead of me!”

Carly Thompson
Regional Manager

"I like working at Basepoint due to the wide variety of people and businesses at the centres.  No two days are ever the same and there are never any dull moments!

Knowing that through the services provided at the centre to help growing businesses we are contributing to the ACT makes the job even more worthwhile."

Rebecca Gattinesi
Centre Manager, Crawley