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As hybrid working becomes the new norm, hybrid meetings are set to become a permanent fixture in our lives. Here, we look at ways to ensure that they’re productive, effective and engaging for all. Over the past 18 months, companies around the world have relied on virtual gatherings to get things done. But, as many of us make a slow and cautious return to corporate offices, it’s becoming clear that the days of Zoom calls and Microsoft Teams meetings are far from over.

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Does anybody really need an excuse to open a bottle of their favourite red (or white) at the end of a long and stressful day? Absolutely not! Still, that shouldn’t stand in the way of celebrating National Drink Wine Day. After all, a glass (OK, bottle) of wine is truly the greatest antidote to stressful moments. It’s also suggested that a glass a day keeps the cardiologist away. From connoisseurs of wines from around the globe to casual fans that enjoy the odd glass at the restaurant or on an evening spent with friends, National Drink Wine Day is an undoubted highlight in the calendar.

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Nathan East, Oliver Raine Limited

The move to Basepoint has been a great success. We have a lovely office that has the perfect amount of space for our desks and our very own resting area. As a business, w…

Martyn Lindsay, Smarter Business Limited

Basepoint for me are an extension of your own company, assist in office services, deal with the post, property management, very friendly and professional. All these aspec…

Kate Hobden, Algotec Research & Development Limited

Having had both serviced and non-serviced offices in the past, we thought we knew what to expect when we moved to Basepoint. The licence agreements are flexible and the o…