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How to promote Teamwork in the workplace

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." - Helen Keller There’s no doubting that, when your employees work together, as a collective unit, they are more efficient and productive than if they were to work as individuals.

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7 ways to build strong, positive relationships at work

It goes without saying that the better our relationships at work, the happier, more engaged and productive we will be. Instead of focusing our energy on dealing with the problems that come with negative relationships, we can harness our energy positively to allow us to be more creative and the freedom to focus on opportunities

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5 Tips to Optimise Your Time Management

Everyone’s idea of the best use of their time is different. However, regardless of industry, most small to medium sized businesses have the same goals and challenges. For example, when first starting out, you need to do pretty much everything from sales and marketing to accounts and admin. Therefore, pretty early on, time management will be key in how successfully your business develops.

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Andrew Wade, FW Incorporated

We have recently moved to Basepoint and have to say we have been very impressed. The building is clean and modern and has all the facilities we need, on top of this the …

Emily Urso, ABS Technical Services

Basepoint has a great community vibe! The centre is clean and the staff are friendly. I would definitely recommend this centre for anyone looking to give a professional…

Massimo Di Franco, Tunap

As a Regus member, having the opportunity to access Basepoint sites has been a real Bonus for me. The staff are fantastic and helpful- nothing is too much trouble for th…