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This Gloucestershire town is one of England's most popular retirement hotspots

Tewkesbury is one of England's favourite retirement hotspots, gaining an extra four pensioners a week in search of a new life. In the year ending in June 2019, Tewkesbury gained an extra 191 people aged 65 or older - one of the top 20 biggest net increases seen in England, according to the analysis by the Office for National Statistics (ONS). Over the same period, the pensioner population of Cheltenham grew by 177, the second highest net increase in the area. According to the ONS, the trend in migration for people of retirement age is away from major cities to rural and coastal areas.

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Gloucestershire's amazing milk deliveries through the years

Well into the 1960s the clip-clop of a horse drawn milk float followed by the rattle of bottles in the milkman, or milkwoman’s crate announced the arrival of a new day for many. When supermarkets came on the scene it seemed that the days of having your milk delivered were numbered. However, with present concerns about the environmental damage caused by plastics, along with the recent necessity of staying at home as much as possible, the future is looking decidedly bright for deliverers of our door-to-door full cream, semi-skimmed and skimmed pintas.

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Gloucestershire woman starts 'cakery' after being made redundant

A number of businesses have struggled during lockdown but after being made redundant, one woman decided to launch her own business. Noushien Khazeni-Rad, 27, who has lived in Churchdown for the majority of her life, worked at a cancer charity as an events and fundraising organiser, but like many in the county, was placed on furlough at the end of April.

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DIY SOS Tonia says makeover by Nick Knowles and his team has made lockdown bearable

A young woman whose home was transformed by Nick Knowles' DIY SOS says it has changed her life and made the lockdown bearable. In 2017 Nick Knowles and a small army of volunteer tradesmen and women transformed Tonia Cheney’s home so she could come home from hospital to Tewkesbury after three years of being bed bound. Since then life has been a rollercoaster and Tonia recently had a tracheostomy which means she is even more vulnerable than when the TV crews and small army of volunteers transformed the family's property.

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Gloucestershire theatre warns live shows may not return until 2021

The director of a Gloucestershire theatre has warned that live shows may not return until next year and that they need to raise £250,000 if they are to survive. Like many businesses around the county, Gloucestershire's theatres had to shut their doors at the start of the year and are still unable to open them. And now, the director of Tewkesbury's The Roses Theatre has warned that there is a tricky road ahead. In a letter sent out to customers, the director of The Roses Theatre in Tewkesbury explained that 'the situation remains extremely challenging' for the theatre and that things may be difficult for some time with live shows potentially not returning until next year.

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