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Now more than ever before, public speaking is a vital part of how we do business. We may be moving into an an increasingly more flexible and remote global working structure, but this has only resulted in a growing need for people to learn how to present themselves across different mediums and environments. This is where public speaking expert Ges Ray steps in.

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You may not have an artistic bone in your body, but rest easy: There are experts, freelancers and low-cost online tools to help. We live in a logo-driven world. Think about those familiar logos for Coca-Cola, Nike, Starbucks, Google etc. According to the experts at Red Crow Marketing, the average adult is exposed to over 4,000 advertisements every day, and often the only image in the ad is the sponsoring company’s logo. That's why, for a small business or startup, a logo is critical. It's the anchor of your brand, drawing attention to your company and representing its core values.

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Encryption is just one way you can prevent data theft. Techworld explains what encryption is and how it works

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Spotify to employees: If you want to work from another country, go for it!

Spotify will also reassess its office space as it introduces permanent flexible-working options for employees. Spotify has become the latest major tech company to make the transition to remote-first working, announcing that employees will be free to "work from anywhere" starting this summer – even if that means working from another country. More for CXOs LinkedIn names the 15 hottest job categories for 2021 8 must-have tools for hiring, managing, and paying virtual teams IT job and salary guide (TechRepublic Premium) TechRepublic Premium editorial calendar: IT policies, checklists, toolkits, research for download The streaming service is introducing a flexible-working scheme called "My Work Mode" that will give Spotify staff choice over whether they work full-time at home, from the office, or a hybrid combination of the two. Staff will also have more flexibility over the cities and countries they choose to work from, with Spotify offering to support staff with co-working space membership if they wish to work from a location that isn't close to a Spotify office. The company did note that this would involve "some limitations to address time zone difficulties, and regional entity laws in the initial rollout".

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Martin Sayers, Hatch Homes Accelerator Ltd

When starting a new business your time is divided between the work and the red tape. Taking a Unit in Basepoint was one of our best decisions. The supportive friendly st…

Deborah Goode, WPA Healthcare

I attended the GEW event as an exhibitor and was blown away with how well run the event was, the number and caliber of the attendees. I will not hesitate to attend again …

Poolemead Accountants (Winchester) Ltd

Basepoint is a friendly and pleasant place to work, surrounded as you are by many other small businesses. Parking and easy access to the M3, A34 and A31 as well as Winche…