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People and business can be like Mount Vesuvius, spitting fire and ash or they can be like Table Mountain, who attracts you with its fascinating countenance and entice you to climb it   They can be a tsunami, raging and wiping out everything in its path - or a bubbling brook going on its way.

The point, however, is you expect Mount Vesuvius to explode, you expect a tsunami to take away everying in its path after which only debris will remain, and you can make arrangements to miss it.  Not so much Table Mountain which you can visit safely on a cable car to delight in its scenery, or a bubbling brook that quietly goes its way.

The choice one has to make is to choose between a Vesuvius and a Table Mountain, a Tsunami or a bubling brook.   Which would be best?   The one you know will explode as a matter of fact leaving destruction in its path, or the quiet contained one that will be the same today and tomorrow?

Business can be the same.   One will enter onto the market as a dynamic force just to burn itself out in a short while whilst the other can be quietly go about its business, growing until it turns into a market giant.